Julia Chi

I am a running nomad, journeying around the globe, the planet my home…

I write as I journey and share with you the expression of my inner world from the perspective of my next running step.
I have been running to learn all of my life…

Practising Zen running, which is the art of being truly in the step and trusting that the next one will take care of itself.
Experiencing the here and now within the stretch for excellence; and learning again and again that all of my running art comes with ease and the absence of tension and trusting the moment.

Knowing that there is nothing else.

That the illusion of this life is often understood backwards.
We are born of consciousness and will return from whence we came.

But there is no where to go to and no where to have come from.
And so with this Zen puzzle I run still onwards, and inwards, trusting that everything comes from the silence within.

Run with me as I keep investigating the inner path….
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