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The sun is setting in glorious fashion, streaky pink purple orange, on another beautiful Spanish sunny mountain day.
Anadi and I sat outside in the village of Bubion drinking café con leche earlier today, enjoying as always, the still silent sound of mountain life.
It is evident that most of the young people run helter skelter for the cities, as the population here is older. The energy a slower pace.

Unless of course you happen upon a group of shiny cyclists, up in the mountains, tearing helter skelter too, but down the slopes and then climbing up up up, vibrant in colour and energy.

In truth I am more of a sea person than a mountain dweller… But over many years, in fact over the past thirty, I have always been drawn to spend some time high up where the air is thin and clear, to where the magic unyielding mountain strength is tangible.

I witness this same uncompromising nature in the ocean, where I love feeling a part of the cosmos, a mere speck that could be whipped up and away on a whim.

We are part of this universal energy, and in general we all find that our own unique energetic make up is more resonant with some terrains, weather conditions and vibrations on the planet than others.

In the same way that one of us might love to ski down the mountains with snow on them, and another run up them in the sun, while another is walking or driving in them…. And one might like to swim in the ocean, while another dives deep down to witness its beauty below the surface, and another is siting on the beach or on a boat…

So we will be drawn to different places that resonate and vibrate with a frequency that is in tune with our own…

And so we must listen to our body, it will guide us, it will speak to us of our own wisdom through its messages.

This is why clearing away the emotional reactivity reaps such huge reward… Because without the flight and flight reflex clouding our judgement, so that we are seeing through a filter. Instead if we clear this away and find our centre, our place of stillness, then we can hear the wisdom of our body…. It will lead us guide us, our intuition becomes tangible within…

And then our path unfolds through the simple process of stopping, listening and daring to trust where the wisdom of our intuition leads us.

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