The rock remains…

I finished my run today by racing up the steps to the Penon del Santo, the largest and tallest of three rocks that divide the two main beaches here in Almuñécar…

The stone that has been there for years and years and years… The rock remains and stands here now, whatever wars and fights the human beings had, whatever dispute and discord in the name of finding harmony, peace, freedom; the stone stood still.

While we are experiencing life in this universe of polarity, the wars and disputes, the light and dark, the peace and discord will remain. It cannot be any other way.

So as the light gets lighter, the dark gets darker in equal measures. Yin and yang energy reveal this to us; it is how we are experiencing ourselves here.


There is a place beyond this battle. There is a place beyond this duality.

Even knowing this can make more sense to the madness we often witness here on earth; the chaos, the swing between love and hate.

True love is beyond this, true love cannot swing. True love is silence, it is stillness and like the rock I raced up today, it remains.

It is always there whatever is going on on the outer realms… Whatever ups and downs, joy and sadness, war and peace… Beyond this place there is an infinite and ever continuing stillness, and silence which the rock can teach us all about.

This is why being in nature can give us so much. The silence behind and beyond the movement, the sounds. As we run or walk or sit and rest on grass, up rocks, under trees, in the rain and the sun, the snow; the darkness and the light… If we listen there is silence. Stillness in the movement, the noise, the changing forms.
Nature adheres to the natural laws, of yin and yang. But, if we stand in a storm, or under the bright sun; or dive into the sea so blue… These experiences can allow us to know that place beyond, that is deep within us all.

We are all born of love, consciousness, god, whatever word we want to use and so at the centre of everything is the silence within.

There is a quote I like by Christian Scientist Mary Baker Eddy

‘God is at once the centre and circumference of being’… In my own experience I edit these words to ‘Silence is at once the centre and circumference of being…’ pointing to the infinite and limitlessness of truth, silence, pure love of which we are all born…

Yesterday Anadi and I went for an evening swim off the shores of our naked beach, which perhaps unsurprisingly on a very hot Spanish summers eve, was full of naked beings!

We arrived, and it was like entering another world… Having run along the prom, with the beach beside us all colourful with sun shade umbrellas and people in bright wear; we arrived at our sandy beach where nut brown naked bodies were lying, swimming, sitting…

Even a couple, in the shade of a rock – quite discreetly – making gentle love under their towel…!

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