Surya namaskar

I found myself locked in the hotel, when I went to leave for my run this morning!

The stairs I usually take led today to a locked side gate, and the door to the reception of the hotel was also locked – and the lifts weren’t working either.

I went back up to my room, and looked out over my balcony to see if there was a way down…! No obvious climbing route, and far too high…!

So I retraced my steps back down to the side door, in order to look about to see where I could climb over the wall… Having sussed out a possible, if precarious route, I decided I would try knocking on the door…

No response at first; I knocked louder. There was movement the other side, and then it was then flung wide open and Emeliano the owner of the hotel exclaimed ‘Ahhhh, mi amiga…’

‘Peudo voy a correr por favor…’

I followed him along the hallway and he let me out of the front door, it rather felt like I was a little dog being let out for my run about…

I stood in the soft balmy early morning air… Grateful for an extra hour of daylight, I jogged a long the prom for half a mile of so, when I spotted the orange lip of the sun peeking above the line of the sea.

I stopped to watch it’s rapid emergence.

I will never tire of this; and was reminded again that it feels  purpose enough for my time on earth…. To witness each day the sun’s glory as it rises rapidly into the sky.

I remember a time when I practised surya namaskar or sun salutation – the dynamic yoga asana sequence – every single day. Perhaps I am being reminded to start this practise again!

It is a series of twelve yoga asanas, showing gratitude to the sun, which bring our body, breath and mind together. It energises the body and asks that our breath and spirit reach out into the infinity of the universe, allowing us to feel that the universe is within us, in our bodies…

The Gayatri mantra, which I also practise daily on occasions, echoes this, honouring the sun within and without… And as I write this I recognise that of course this is our only purpose here… That we honour the universe within and without, the sun within and without, and its unfolding through our lives.

Watching the sun rise and the sun set is the perfect meditation to remind us that we are the sun, we are the universe and everything within it.

By honouring the sun, we are honouring ourselves and one another…

The word surya namaskar (from surya namaskar)  stems from namas, which means ‘to bow to’ or ‘to adore’…  And namaste, ‘I honour the spirit in you which is the spirit in me’ Also comes from this root…

So as my sojourn in the mountains draws to an end, I find myself more connected than ever to the simplicity and grandeur,  the meditation, the practise of simply watching the sun rise and the sun set and in its glory remind us to always remain still, to listen to the silence and to remember that we are one.

The question now of course is…

Will I bring this wonderful series of asanas back into my life…?  ?




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