Eternal beauty

I am just off to meet Maggie, who with Jack, her husband are my support team to run barefoot across Spain…

Maggie and I are going to make a vlog over coffee – always good – I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say about the adventure we have embarked on…

It all began with me sending her a whatsapp, saying that this idea had come upon me… That I hadn’t 100 percent decided, but were I to go for it, would she in principle be up for being my support  team…?

She responded immediately in the affirmative and I immediately knew that the decision had already been made….

Decisions have a way of making themselves.

I am always one for encouraging people not to try and ‘work things out’ too much, but to let the decisions evolve and emerge of themselves. There is no need to think too hard about anything. The path always reveals itself if we allow it to.

The best practise is to allow ourselves to drop between the thoughts, to find the gaps between them and enjoy the huge space that then opens up… All that is needed is to simply trust that this is where the answers we are looking for will arise from…

If there is a big decision to be made, walking or running can be a meditation on the move and a helpful way to access the inner answers… Running is renowned for allowing a different thought mechanism to kick in – answers, ideas, insights can all be found on the running path….

Walking is the same… I remember speaking with a composer of music, who told me that his creative process came about through spending every morning walking by the Thames for hours – whatever the weather – with a notebook in his pocket, and as he walked the music emerged… All he had to do was to write it down.

There was no thinking or trying too hard involved, simply a commitement to be available each day for the ‘download’.

I remember being inspired by William Wordsworth… I absolutely loved ‘The Prelude’, it spoke to me of me and it communicated to me that the only purpose in life is to be, to be with the sun and the moon and the stars and the land and to immerse ourselves in the step.

To journey always without needing to arrive… Wordsworth is said to acknowledge that nine tenths of his verses had poured out of him in the open air…

Yes, I remember, when the changeful earth,
And twice five seasons on my mind had stamp’d
The faces of the moving year, even then,
A Child, I held unconscious intercourse
With the eternal Beauty, drinking in
A pure organic pleasure from the lines
Of curling mist, or from the level plain
Of waters colour’d by the steady clouds. ( from The Prelude)

I was reminded of Jack who has plotted my route across Spain saying that he loved to travel, he loved geography and that the moment he could drive he loved to explore the Yorkshire dales and that he liked to travel even better than to arrive…

The actual journey is not as important as the creativity that emerges from it, the experiences, the growth, the relationships, the letting go, the embracing of our truth – the appreciation of the moment…

The absolute connection to our inner landscape through experiencing and being in the ever changing seasons… Feeling the earth beneath our feet, the rain on our faces, hearing the sounds of the sea, the wind and the soaring birds as they swoop across the expanse…

Where we can find the reflection of  our deepest silence, as we travel the path of life; from birth to death and let go of all that is blocking us from love.


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