Be here Now, Wake up Now

Anadi and I set off one mid spring morning to make our way from Chelsea to Richmond Park…

Smooth soft slabs of paving, change rapidly to bobbly asphalt and back to smooth, then cobbles… Soon we are traversing a short patch of springy grass across Putney common…

Step by step I trod, one barefoot step after another lending itself to experiencing each moment in each step, the next taking care of itself.

It always does.

We crossed a field where children played football, one team in blue the other in red! Vibrant bright colours… Onlookers shouted instructions – running up and down… Parents coaches friends family – meandered, encouraged – gathered together

‘There’s a bigger crowd here than there’s been for the premier league’ I laughed as Anadi and I went by, surveying the scene

Passing through 

In the world, not of it – watching everything around us – the crowds spilling onto the streets on the edge of restaurants, masked beings in shops – and on buses – in hairdressers too, as we passed through Putney – suddenly the scenes changed –  woodland emptiness – children playing football  – cyclists whirring by – as we approached Richmond park

Whooshing by, life in motion and all around as we just walked along with no purpose but to be where we were, where we are, always here and now.

‘We make the path by walking it’… Now

My feet bare. We make the biggest change to our own lives and others when we are completely still


All of us can be here now, wake up now – at any moment




Press pause on the commotion of the mind, the loud voice of reason and unreason, of assent and dissent and be still

And watch it all

Going on around us

This film called life – this stage where everything, every imaginable thing is being played out




And know in the moment who we truly are.