Being the change…

Köp Viagra Arboga We wandered up the little street, that we had run along only a few hours earlier… We were in search of some lunch… Instead of empty quiet, we now dodged weaving mopeds, a donkey pulling a cart, crowds wandering too in the heat that had risen to the heavy level you can almost touch, slice through with a hand… Some tourists, some locals, mingled, slowly walking, carrying out their purpose for the day… Shorts, skirts and sleeveless tops contrasting with long flowing robes, some of the material heavy black, some silken colour.

Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Without Prescription We stopped in a restaurant we had eaten in many times in May and I saw a couple I recognised from the plane the day before. We sat down and started to chat – to Fran and Andy – Anadi and Fran were agreeing that being here is very like being in India – minus the elephants, when another group of people arrived, from the back of the plane too…!

partnersuche wirklich kostenlos For an hour or so we were all gathered again, in the same spot in Marrakech (which is very big!) Our energies resonating in some way, gathering us for a short time to connect and share, perhaps as we did before in another life, or are doing now in a parallel universe… Who knows? There is so much we do not know about this moment… We try to make some meaning to the chaos through timelines and history and words and learning… But it is all a chimera to give us some illusion of safety, some illusion of the illusion… To distract from the truth of ourselves, from the silence…. From taking responsibility for the reflection around us of ourselves… ‘Being the change we want to see in the world…’ As Ghandi taught us.

si puo utilizzare un bancomat per un deposito per fare tradind But, when we do truly recognise our reflection in others and the experiences around us, we can change our own world from the inside out. Our inner shifts will show up in the reflection of our outer experiences and so our world will change.

opzioni digitali de The changes occur when we become the change we wish to see… Later… We have arrived in Essaouira at Riad Arambys… We clambered out of the mini bus into a far cooler windy climate, and followed the man who leapt to take our bags the moment our feet touched the ground… He lead us through the entrance to the Medina, and we walked swiftly through all the stalls and restaurants and people… The pace and energy completely different from Marrakech…  In three hours of journeying, we landed in place, that although was very crowded had a much calmer and slower pace… Which ironically we were speeding through at a march, following our bags… Eventually we turned right up a narrow little alley way with not much light in it, and arrived at the front door of our new home…

Ciò è particolarmente vero nel caso in cui lo stoppino sostituisce la lunghezza del corpo della candela stesso follow link o se lo It was just before 4pm and we were more than happy to ‘lunch’ on the plateful of moroccan delicacies washed down with a pot of mint tea brought to us by our very welcoming and friendly new dueña Fatima……

see We told Fatima a little of our lifestyle, ‘you are very different’ she surmised, smiling… The call to prayer has just started and we are enjoying the difference again, a celebration of difference – being different in a land which is new and different to us….

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