About Julia Chi Taylor

Hi! I’m Julia Chi.

I love to run.

Julia Chi TaylorI have been running all of my life, following the running road wherever it has lead me… From the early days as a young teenager when I raced around a grass track in my bare feet, to running at top level, my first international race a 5k X country competition in Spain, to posting a marathon best time of 2.36.31 in the 1986 London marathon.

I have travelled the world all of my life, loving running wherever I am, in races, or just exploring the towns and countryside and beaches I pass through as I journey.

Both my running and working in the lives of others as their mentor, coach and guide seemed to choose me.
I understood early on that that everything comes from within.
That our outer experiences are simply an expression of our inner world and energetic make up.
And so I see that the inner journey is the only one to trust in.

In recent years this journey lead me to shed all my possessions and take off around the globe with my husband Anadi, the planet our home writing and running wherever I am
And now I have shed my shoes again…

I write here about my soles journey as I run barefoot around the world.