Soulfully Connecting

Yesterday afternoon I had such an enjoyable time, being interviewed by Sue Ellam of Soulfully Connecting… We had booked our interview three or four weeks ago, but first I lost my voice, so we booked again – and then I lost my voice and the internet!

But yesterday was the day… And I enjoyed every second.

I particularly enjoyed having the space to talk about, investigate and share my spiritual journey… We talked about my running journey, my barefoot journey, my nomadic journey, my work journey – which are of course all  part and parcel of my spiritual journey… Because Sue asked me a very interesting question…

‘What came first, your running journey or your spiritual journey…?’

I thought for a little while and then answered, ‘my spiritual journey’… Because that is all there is for me. The word spiritual means ‘not of the body’, and the whole of my life has been a journey in recognition of being a spiritual being on a human journey… This has meant facing all the challenges that have arisen, and to truly acknowledge the times when I have been invested in the human journey rather than trusting my spirit…!

I enjoyed the hour immensely and the video is here


We woke today to grey moody skies; the air was still warm, so as we stepped out into the street and the rain began to fall, it wasn’t of much concern to us… Warm rain, warm roads, rather lovely.

And the run was lovely; there wasn’t too much rain, it seemed to be that we were running behind it as the roads were slick grey black wet – and slippy in places too – perhaps it was oil from the cars, or if we ran on the white lines… Thunder rumbled around us and the sky lit up now and again with a sheet of lightening, and we ran on… Enjoying the beauty of the dark blue sea, the grey skies, the ferry blending in to her surroundings as she approached the harbour.

We returned home just as the drops were becoming bigger… Suddenly the whole island was enveloped in a sheet of pouring rain. We could hardly see anything out of the window; the harbour below, Camino island and Malta – just across the water – all vanished behind a screen of grey insesant rain…

A river appeared gushing down the rocky hill beside our apartment and the road outside was flooded in a few minutes.

We were aware of how tiny this island is, a little piece of land in the middle of the sea and the elements raged around us. Power glory might…

And then it stopped, the translucent watery light returned revealing our washed surroundings… The internet was gone, the roads had rocks strewn across them and the water flowed down like a little stream that had always been there.

The landscape had been changed, washed, watered within minutes.

So within so without…

It felt to be nurturing nourishing, cleansing. A reflection of energy, freedom, expression, expansive…

Lively, free and clear!