‘Everything’s all light…’

I have just come in from stretching with Octavious; while I was there Nina our ‘dueña’, came to bring him his breakfast… He started to slowly make his way out; his day beginning.

Nina and I had a chat which was a fun way to stretch, occasionally reaching for my toes when I remembered that stretching was what I was doing!

Octavious spends his time alone in the garden, his home is beside a stone with a star on it which says… ‘Everything’s all light…’  Under the grey clouds, he reflected this completely, light, stillness, a perfect companion for my morning stretch.

I liked his presence, it was peace, ease, trust… I enjoyed sitting and being and stretching in the still quiet calm of Octavious.

When I wake in the morning I like to watch my breath; its a practice that I find enjoyable and then, because I like doing it, it has become a habit… Watching the breath at odd times of the day. The more this is done it means that trusting that all we need to do is breathe and be still, becomes the practice rather than just an idea…

I said to Anadi this morning… ‘Really and truly, all we must do is breathe and see what happens from this place isn’t it…?’ and he said ‘Yes – Osho was big on that, it’s all about allowing things to happen from a space of meditation…’

The world tries to put a different spin and actually encourages the mind… Continually bombarding people with noise and upset, neurosis, drama, as well as over stimulation, excitement, pressure to look and be a certain way, think a certain way… Madness!

And all this takes us away from authenticity, being ourselves, truly, a hundred percent trusting that what arises from the still point within us, the breath, is the truth of who we are…

And there is no rush, things of the spirit take time, and the essential practise is to connect to the breath and a quiet space, so that when the noise, or tension or pressure arises within us, we can return to this still space and let go…

Things take time; this has been evident with my feet changing shape, strengthening, responding… All in their own time..

There is no rush, and if we truly knew that everything will emerg,e then we would relax and enjoy the ride; seeing what emerges rather than trying to think our lives into shape; the shape and thoughts will emerge…

‘Everything’s all light…’


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