A party on the plane….

I am on a plane to Marrakech which has just finished its climb, up up up, we are now flying in bright sunshine, the sky completely clear, blue, a bed of cotton wool clouds below us.

Anadi and I are surrounded by ‘naughty boys’, I just heard one of them say ‘remember we are not to be naughty until half way…’
But there has been much merriment from the sixteen young men on a stag weekend… Which has already begun! ‘It’s happy hour’ one announced and offered Anadi something that wasn’t the innocent Coca Cola it was pertaining to be….
Anadi declined…
Dancing in the aisle has begun… It is 7.01am and we took off just fifteen minutes ago!

I love the life I lead, travelling through experiences, recognising myself in the hearts and souls of others…

I said to Anadi ‘we are with the naughty boys at school, it’s just that now they have about twenty years extra on them….’

I was the naughty girl at school and I now have about fifty extra years on me!

And Ricky who is sitting in front of us has just told us that they have all grown up together, they are ‘cousin brothers’ and all interconnected. They are a big family that extends and extends….
It’s Suchy’s stag, he looks to be a lovely guy, they are all lovely guys…
Lively lovely guys!

The bistro service has just arrived…

Anadi and I are about to order porridge and tea… Our friends have bought many bottles of Jack Daniels
Our different breakfast choices… !

Ricky has just bought Anadi and I jack Daniels and mixed it with Coca Cola!
Never before have I drunk Jack Daniels at 7.45 am… I am not sure I have ever drunk Jack Daniels…

‘Thank you guys for being part of our stag!’

‘Sip the Jack Daniels before you eat your porridge’ counselled Ricky … ‘It will open your stomach’
‘My dad used to drink whiskey’ I said
‘And I bet he had it before he ate his dinner….’
‘Yes’… I said
‘There you are…’ he responded!

I am in the window seat and the man in the aisle is fast asleep, so I leapt over Ricky’s seat – he was in the aisle, ‘what are you doing doll?’ Ricky asked laughing and helped me over his seat, ‘he’s asleep…’ I pointed to my travelling companion in the same row…

‘I love all of you’… I said; perhaps I am now drunk…?


My stomach must be opened now… Time for porridge…!

‘We love it that you’re not upset by us…..
it’s all about love and peace….’

We have now just discovered that Ricky and Anadi and I share a practise… The chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, he saw my mala beads…
Energy, and connection is a truly awesome thing….

Anadi has just been talking to Pav, one of the group, they have been sharing life stories…
Sharing themselves… This is fun….

We love Pav,
We love them all… ‘If we all loved each other the world would be a happy place’ one of the guys standing in the aisle has just said to Anadi and I…. True words.
All the more reason that moment by moment we must go fully into darkness, pain and tension within us that prevents us loving ourselves and let it go.

When we love ourselves we recognise our wholeness and connection with every being. We truly experience that there is no separation… We are united in love.
We are one…


I can see the land coming closer and closer…
We are about to land in Marrakesh

My birthday tomorrow, and the celebrations have already begun… In style!